Nike Sportswear Air Max Essential Modern Sneaker Men Black / Gray

Nike Sportswear Air Max Essential Modern Sneaker Men Black / Gray
Air Max Modern Essential Sneaker Herren

Der Nike Air Max Modern Essential vereint einen zeitgenössischen Look mit klassischem Tragekomfort und lässt sich auf verschiedenste Weise mit deinen Freizeit-Looks kombinieren.

Leichtes -Obermaterial mit nahtlosen Überzügen sorgt für einen sportlichen Look und atmungsaktiven Tragekomfort. Das bewährte Max Air-Element in der Ferse dient nicht nur als optisches Detail es bietet zusätzlich eine angenehme Dämpfung für lang anhaltende Freude am Tragen. Ein vorgeformter Kragen optimiert den Sitz des Fußes im Schuh. Die traditionelle Silhouette garantiert zeitlosen Style während die hochwertige Verarbeitung dir einen Szene-Sneaker mit bester Performance im Alltag bietet.

Außensohle: abriebfest

Geschlecht: Herren

Herstellerfarbbezeichnung: black / cool grey / pure platinum

Material: Textil / Synthetik

Produkt-Name: Air Max Modern Essential

Sportart: Freizeit

Nike Sportswear Air Max Essential Modern Sneaker Men Black / Gray Nike Sportswear Air Max Essential Modern Sneaker Men Black / Gray Nike Sportswear Air Max Essential Modern Sneaker Men Black / Gray Nike Sportswear Air Max Essential Modern Sneaker Men Black / Gray
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Bavarian Nordic is a fully integrated biotechnology company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of cancer immunotherapies and vaccines for infectious diseases.



Our pipeline comprises multiple product candidates which are subject to more than 20 ongoing clinical studies in infectious diseases and cancer. Many of our programs are supported by external funding through either private or governmental partnerships.

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Bavarian Nordic is committed to providing our shareholders and the media with reliable and transparent information about our business, development programs and results in an open and timely manner

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Bavarian Nordic offers a challenging international working environment in which job satisfaction and personal growth have a high priority.



MVA-BN RSV is our product candidate in clinical development for the prevention of RSV. The vaccine has been specifically designed to target 5 different RSV proteins to ensure a broad immune response against both RSV subtypes (A B). Extensive preclinical studies have shown that MVA-BN RSV induces a balanced immune response comprised of both antibodies and T cells, in a similar fashion to the natural response to an RSV infection.

Results from a Phase 1 study in 63 healthy adults, aged 18-65, were reported in May 2016, demonstrating that MVA-BN RSV was well tolerated and induced a significant increase in antibodies and T cells in humans against both RSV subtypes. Also of note was the production of IgA, a specialized antibody that is transported from the blood to the mucosal surfaces (e.g. nose, throat, lungs) potentially allowing for protection against RSV at the point of infection/inflammation. These results provide a clear rationale for moving into larger trials, and Bavarian Nordic initiated a Phase 2 dose finding study in 400 elderly subjects in October 2016. Top line results from this study were announced in June 2017.

About RSV

The quality of such medications RXMEDSON.COM remains identical, but the cost can differ greatly.

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last updated: May 2018

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The National Wildlife Federation


Pseudacris crucifer

Status: Not Listed

Classification: Amphibian


Spring peepers are small tree frogs. Their bodies have smooth skin in shades of tan, brown, green, or gray, with lines that form an X-shaped pattern on their backs. Their bellies are white to cream-colored, and they have dark bands on their legs and a dark line between their eyes. Spring peepers are well camouflaged to look like tree bark and have some ability to make themselves lighter or darker in order to better match their surroundings. The flat, terminal pad on each of the amphibian’s toes allow it to grip onto plants, while its webbed hind feet give it support. Although they are good climbers, they spend most of their time on the ground, often hiding under leaf litter during the day. Spring peepers are rarely seen, but during mating season in the spring, they are often heard. They are generally about one inch (2.5 centimeters) in length, or about the length of a paper clip, and their weight averages from 0.11 to 0.18 ounces (3 to 5 grams).


Spring peepers can be found from southeastern Canada to the eastern United States, south to northern Florida and west to Minnesota and eastern Texas. They live in moist, wooded areas, fields, and grassy lowlands near ponds and wetlands. Spring peepers hibernate during the winter in soft mud near ponds, under logs, and in holes or loose bark in trees. Snakes, salamanders, large carnivorous insects, raptors, and other birds prey on adult spring peepers. Tadpoles are eaten by aquatic Naketano Tshirt
and salamander larvae.


Adult spring peepers come out to feed in the late afternoon and early evening, while subadults feed in the early morning to late afternoon. They generally eat beetles, , flies, and spiders. Tadpoles feed on algae and microorganisms.

Life History

Spring peepers are known for the males’ mating call—a high-pitched whistling or peeping sound repeated about 20 times a minute. However, the faster and louder they sing, the greater the chances of attracting a mate. They often congregate near water and sing in trios, with the deepest-voiced frog starting the call. They begin breeding early in the spring and call on warm spring nights and during the day in rainy or cloudy weather. Females lay their eggs in vernal pools, ponds, and other wetlands where fish are not present. A female may lay anywhere from 750 to 1,200 eggs, which attach to submerged aquatic vegetation. Males fertilize the eggs as they are laid. Depending on the temperature, eggs can hatch within two days to two weeks. The tadpoles have gills to breathe underwater and tails to help them swim. Tadpoles transform into frogs over the course of 6 to 12 weeks. Spring peepers are said to have short lives, living three to four years at most.


These frogs are common and widespread. However, loss of wetland habitat does pose a threat. Populations are decreasing in some areas.

Fun Fact

Spring peepers are very tolerant of cold conditions. They can withstand freezing during winter hibernation due to a natural “antifreeze” in their blood.


Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Missouri Department of Conservation

NatureServe Explorer

New Hampshire Public Television

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